Question Slight Pinkish-reddish tint on the display


Mar 2, 2019
Cpu: i7 4770k
Gpu: Gtx 1050ti
I built this pc back in 2013 and have kept it upgrading it since then, i have a dual moniter setup, in which 1 minter apparantly has a reddish pinkish tint to it,, which wasnt there in 2013 i believe, my second display is fine, its 2 months old, even i didnt notice it until my friend told that my 1st moniter looked odd and when i saw it carefully,it actually had a light kinda unnoticible tint to it. Its a fhd 1080p Lg moniter, tried swwapping Hdmis, tried VGA, and even tried replacing the thermal paste on my gpu and cpu(even though the second moniter displayed the accurate colors), what could be the issue, is something failing in the moniter, like the ic or something, because its clear that its not an issue with the pc it self, even tried adjusting the rgb setting in the nvidia settings, and swapping ram modules
Aug 22, 2020
Try moving the cable to a diffrent port on the GPU if that doesnt work than try to re insert the GPU.

Usually when a GPU is loose some weird stuff can happen. I had a monitor that kept displaying a light blue tint and found out it was the GPU being loose. Because when i lifted the card up with my hand it stopped.

Another thing you can try to do is to simply try another cable. I had a flickering issue turns out it was a failing VGA cable.

The last thing you can try is to swap the connections on the monitors. If the tint shows up on the other monitor than you know its the cable.

Also have you put a magnet up to the screen? Or put it around a strong magnetic field? Usually you can magnatize a display like that and a pinkish tint will come on.

Its more likely to happen on a CRT monitor though rather than a LCD/OLED monitor.

What i recommend doing is: Reach out to your monitor manufactuer. Or buy a new monitor. As trying to fix it yourself might only make the issue worse.