slot1 to fcpga adapter choice while oc'ing


Apr 23, 2004
Anybody with better experience of using those? Should I worry about getting better one or it doesn't matter when I have all the OC options in the bios settings?? I mean the influence on stability and possible "overclockability" of the chip ;]
I'd like to try celeron633 to 950 on abit be6 II (just to have fun, had this proc really long and want to see what it can do)

I saw some ASUS adapters for instance at good price...


Former Staff
vCore adjustments are best made at the adapter. Most Asus adapters had vCore adjustment jumpers. These types of adapters diconnect the CPU's VID (Voltage ID) pins and connect the signals to jumpers so you can get the board to autoset whatever voltage you like (within the range of the board).

If you can't find older adapters, the Upgradeware Slot-T cost around 2x as much as the old adapters did (Slot-T cost $20) but work with both Coppermines and Tualatins (making a later upgrade to a Tualatin Celeron possible for you).

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