Question Sluggish Laptop/Internet


May 16, 2020
Windows 10 64 bit version 21h1 with 1TB SSD and 12GB ram. Intel i5. This is a Dell laptop that is a 2014 vintage. I use Defender and Malwarebytes Premium.

Approximately 72 hours ago web pages became very slow to load and it became slower to restart or come out of hibernation. I have two laptops and two android phones on a home wifi network with download speeds of 150 to 200mbps. Speed tests on the phones and other laptop confirm that but starting 3 days ago this one shows approx 40mbps which should be fine for what I’m doing but it runs like I’m always taking a Windows Update download in the background.

Comparing task manager on both laptops the other actually has higher memory usage. CPU usage is normal and running a ping test shows a median 0f 27ms.
According to the device manager, the wifi adapter is working properly and no new driver is available.

I’ve run the DISM tool and SFC and no problems were found. I’ve restarted numerous times.
A deep scan with MWB doesn’t reveal any malware issues.
I’ve made sure everything is up to date with Windows and not added new software.

A couple of days ago I was on a Google Meets video conference and as soon as I logged in a message popped up saying my network connection was unstable and happened again during the hour. There were problems with video intermittently on my end.

I’m out of ideas.