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Question Small amount of water spilled on PC, unsure how to diagnose

Apr 21, 2020

A buddy of mine spilled a small amount of water on his PC, he told me he tried to wipe it down and get it all off and asked me for help getting everything working again. It happened about 4 days ago and he tried to start the PC again about 6 hours after, it turned on and fans started running but after about 2-3 seconds the PC shut off. I told him to let it sit for a few days to try to let all the water evaporate out, but he tried to start it today and the same thing was happening (turns on then shuts off after about 2 seconds).

I would like to be able to help him fix his PC, but I'm not sure where to go next in terms of diagnosing the issue. What should be my logical next step in solving the issue?

Might be worthwhile to check and see if the motherboard is sending either light or sound codes. A lot of folks don't install the onboard speaker for that.

Without knowing anything specific about the system....try to make it as simple as possible to boot.