Smart Insert Instead Of At End


Dec 31, 2007
Okay, while the smilies and tags and all have nice conventient buttons in the post creation page, could we maybe (when time permits of course, since this is a low priority) have these buttons be more intelligent?

For example, if no text is selected, then insert at the current cursor position instead of insert at the end. If text is selected and you do an emoticon, then replace the selected text with the emoticon text. If text is selected and you do a tag, put the open tag at the beginning of the selection and the close tag at the end of the selection. And after doing any of these, then deselect and set the cursor position to the end of the selection.

I'm not sure if it's possible in whatever language you're using, but I know this kind of stuff can be done in plenty of other languages (since I've written similar stuff in PyQt), so I'm assuming that it probably can be done. But again, not a big priority, just a nice improvement to consider one day.