Smartphone Sales Growth Falls To Single Digits, Windows Phone Continues Decline, Says IDC

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May 24, 2011
They say how android is dominating but they don't talk about profit margins. Love em or hate em Apple is still light years ahead of the competition in terms of actual real world profit.
[quotemsg=17069966,0,505698]They say how android is dominating but they don't talk about profit margins. Love em or hate em Apple is still light years ahead of the competition in terms of actual real world profit. [/quotemsg]

They also don't talk about climate change, international politics, fossil fuel availability, and the list goes on. Point being, why address things that are NOT relevant to the article. My beermonger has record profits, too, if you're interested.


Aug 2, 2010
An organization named "IDC" is just distracting. Every time you write it I automatically read "I don't care".

I'm actually looking forward to windows 10 phone, and I would imagine I'm not the only one. I'm sick and tired of Android's completely broken update pipeline. The only concern is whether the app market will rally — as there are many vital apps like the one that controls my Denon A/V receiver which aren't available in windows, and which aren't really optional for my day-to-day life.


Yep, my old 830 still gets updates where similarly cheap androids... nada...
So Windows phones has upper hand in upgrades, compared to Android devices.
Those Nexus devices are good, but otherwise it is not so good. Apple also have reasonable good upgrade path, but they are also quite expensive.


Dec 8, 2014
Google said they'll make some hardware standards regarding Android so that upgrades can roll out globally. I really hope they follow through. It's necessary.

I've reluctantly switched to iOS from a OnePlus One that didn't work at all. I'm amazed at the overall quality of it and how it just seems to work, never needing a restart. Still, there are som niggling, annoying and strange bugs that I have no idea how got through their QC and QA. Most frustrating is the missing keyboard when "quick-replying", still better than the oneplus keyboard ghost touching all over the place.

I had a windows phone why I was in hiatus over what device to get after dropping the OnePlus. I love the operating system but feel oddly sorry for MS because there are some things that are really frustrating about it. They made something beautiful with some issues that I just can't ignore.


Dec 7, 2015
I was an adopter of the Nokia Lumia 920. I prefer the Windows UI to any other available, but unfortunately I will be one of those switching back to the Android platform. There are a few reasons why:

1) Lack of support for Google applications and services (gmail, youtube, chromecast, chrome, etc)
2) Lack of adoption by many third party enterprises (banking, insurance, etc)
3) Many of the apps provide a second-rate experience
4) Doesn't really do anything for IT professionals who manage a Windows enterprise

One of the most disappointing aspects of Windows phone is that it didn't really do anything special to help IT admins managing a Windows environment. I was expecting some specialized applications published by Microsoft for this purpose, but haven't seen any to date although I have long ago given up on looking.

I'm a little saddened about the switch. But I will probably get over it after switching to a shiny new Nexus 6P. I am a little saddened that Google has decided to choke out what I think is a great platform, but that is how Capitalism works. My only hope is that Capitalism is allowed to continue to work and MS doesn't get to hold on to the live tile UI so that someone else can implement it better.


Dec 8, 2013
I upgraded from a 1020 to a 950 on Saturday last plus one (11/28) ...sort of: I'm keeping the 1020's too. Significant upgrade. The phone is way better than the reviews (well, for WP peeps).

...and the iris scan is very cool.

But the 950 in general is an incremental-through-significant improvement over the 1020 at least (depends upon the area).

W10 is ...more of the same (as WP8.1), but more "fluid" (can I use that word?), or maybe refined (yeah, that's better).

Obviously, I have no plans to leave WP.

...ex-iOS, ex-'Droid user ...two years on WP desire at all to change ...too spoiled by the UI.

And yeah, the apps situation kind of sucks, but I mostly voice/text/email/surf/FB/&Cortana anyways - plus I stay within the sandbox - so there's not much app-envy left at this point (i.e., two years on): what you don't know, you don't miss lol. has the best review of the 950 from the WP-centric (or at least, non-obviously-biased) perspective if anyone is interested).
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