Question SMT vs No SMT for Editing

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Spectre, Meltdown and all the variants need physical access to the system to run, there is no chance of getting it over the internet.
Javascript exploits have been shown for these exploits. That sounds awfully web vulnerable to me.

Any way,

3700x will eat the 9700k on vegas pro for lunch. Both have thermal protection. However the 3700x will boost for a shorter period of time before it goes back to base clock compared to a 9700.

The 3700x is a 65w tdp part. The 3800x is 400MHz base clock faster but with over 100W tdp with boost. The 9700k is 95w tpd WITHOUT boost.

So that should set things in perspective on heat. Plus you have to buy a $60 cooler for the intel. The stock amd cooler that is inclided does the job just fine on thermals.
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