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Question So, what really is the "best" browser these days?


Aug 27, 2008
I had the same page open for the big three and was surprised by how little memory Edge uses, and how much Firefox uses than either Edge or Chrome.

I have been using Edge more lately, but have also used Chrome and Firefox extensively in the past and currently as well.

As far as security especially and in terms of general features and usability, I'm curious to hear some opinions with other possibly more experienced and technical-minded users too.

Thanks for any feedback, Happy Easter Weekend and apologies if this kind of thread has been posted somewhere lately.


firefox has a built in vpn if i remember right, and it also has a new beta service of paying for getting rid of all ads.

chrome is the best "performer" but does chew through a lot of ram
(i can explain why, but it doesnt matter and im lazy.)

original edge is kinda whack, uses almost the same amount as ram as chrome but has less extentions and is less stable
while chromium edge is basically chrome with an edge skin on it
that also uses less ram but still has less extentions
it does have more than original edge.

firefox for security
chrome or edge chromium for stability and general purpose
operaGX if youre a real gamer (i think ill go die now)
Mar 22, 2020
A lot of it depends on your personal preference. Chrome is a memory hog, but it has reasons for being that way. Chrome has a lot of great security features as well. But so does Firefox. They are always improving browsers, so my opinions change a lot. But here is an article that gives some of the pluses and minuses of the main ones.

For the user interface and ease of use, I would go with Chrome. Especially if you use a lot of Google's products like Gmail and Drive.

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Jan 14, 2020
Each browser has it's own excellence, and If I were to summarize them, here's what I would say:

Safari: Speed
Chrome: Security
Firefox: Customizability, add-ons
Opera: Innovative Features
Edge: Memory Efficiency

Of course I am talking about the advantages, not lacking aspects. This doesn't mean, for instance, Chrome is not customizable or whatsoever.

Other browsers either I have not used them that much, or are not updated regularly so it's advisable to avoid obsolete browsers for the sake of security.
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Aug 27, 2008
Thanks everyone for the answers.

I also keep reading that Chrome is most secure due to its extensions, but are those built in by default or something the user needs to add in manually?

And if that's the case, how do we know which extensions are best or most important?

Furthermore, I'm wondering since Edge (Chromium) is already based off of Chrome and is open sourced, wouldn't it also have access to the same extensions making it on par?

As an aside out of pure curiosity, I'm wondering how much of a chunk Google is getting from Microsoft for the above factors.


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