Question Software that allows tracking of animated objects in a video ?

Nov 3, 2021
Hi everyone,

Out of personal interest (and partially relevant for my PhD-project), I am looking for video software that allows me to track objects that move in a recorded video.
In detail, I would like to track the mouse cursor movement of a presenter that is using Zoom and screen-shares their PowerPoint presentation. Do you know any software that would be able to achieve such a feat?

I hope you can help me. Thanks!


You can use Powershell and Python to capture mouse coordinates.


Likely doable using other programming languages.

Basically you will need to have the program running in the background in some sort of loop that continuously outputs the desired mouse coordinates to a target file or displays the coordinates on a screen. Could quickly become a very large file...

And the program most likely needs to be running on the presenter's computer.

Then the next step would be incorporating the playback of the mouse movements (and likely clicks as well) inside the PowerPoint presentation.


Not at all sure about how cumbersome such tracking and replaying could/would be. Especially over Zoom.

And you may run into copyright violations as well.

That all said google: "video software to track mouse cursor position".

It appears that there are some products/apps that may prove helpful with meeting your requirements.


Indeed, I did not consider the cursor as a ball or other object. Good point.

In any case there seems that there are multiple apps available.

I googled "video image object tracking software".

Quite a number of hits.

For example:

= = = =

Very well could be that I over focused on "cursor".

Will leave it to OP to clarify or otherwise expand on the requirements.

Powershell, Python, etc.. possibly becoming moot thereafter. Fair enough.