Software to view 2 HDDs as one. NOT RAID


Oct 16, 2011

Ok, I have a home built HTPC.
I am running WIN7 Ulitmate SP1.
It has 2 x 3TB WD HDDs.

The HDDs are full to capacity with files.

My problem is there are alot of double up of files over both HDDs. Some files are identical and some files are the same content but different file size (due to quality etc).

I would like to delete any duplicates and poorer quality duplicates.
Is there software out there to view the 2 harddrives as one to make it easier to see what I have doubles of? i.e So the view looks like one folder but I: and J: and merged and arranged in alphabetical order?

I dont care that the drives are separate. I am just looking for software to temporarily make it look like one drive for the purpose of cleaning up the drives and freeing up space.

I dont want to reformat and install raid as this would take forever to backup all my data and then replace it.

Hope someone can help.

P.S oh and a side question: Is it possible to view files and folders merged together in alphabetical order. Instead of folders at the start of the folder and then files out the end. Sort of like the Mac OS file structure?