Question [Solution] 4 identical RAM running in Single instead Dual-Channel?? - check how to fix

Mar 27, 2022
Currently I had this RAM problem but I finally found a solution!

Let's go..
My computer had 2 identical RAM running in Dual-channel (from a pack with the same date of manufacture), after I bought and put another 2 identical RAM, all the 4 together were in Single-channel. Why??

Analyzing it better, I realized that the 2 new RAM were from different manufacturing dates, and using only the two also ran in Single-channel.

SOLUTION: I put my two old RAM of same manufacturing date in the first slots (1 and 2), and put the two new RAM I bought in the other slots (3 and 4) in that order, so they finally all work in Dual-channel.

Of course, just remembering that different motherboards have different order of ram slots to run in Dual-channel.

Anyway, if you have mixed all the identical RAM together, check for numbers and dates that differ from each other. The 2 that have numbers in sequence or same dates, are probably the ones that work in Dual-channel. Put them in the first slots and everything will be normal.
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