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(SOLVED)HDD crashes when trying to create and name a folder in it and takes forever to load. (WIN 10)

Kaka Karrot

May 18, 2016
So i just installed windows 10 on my brand new homebuilt computer and at first only the SSD showed. After uninstalling intel rapid storage technology it showed up again. But here's the thing. It takes FOREVER to load and when i try to create a new folder in it, it just freezes for god knows how long. Anyone know what the problem may be? Both SSD and HDD are brand new.

SSD is plugged in sata 0 and the HDD is plugged in sata 2 if that helps.
Hey there, Goku.

Good job indeed! However if by SATA 0, 1, 2, 3, etc you mean the SATA ports, that would mean that either the SATA port or the cables you had connected the drive with, might be faulty. This thing shouldn't affect your system this way, no matter which SATA port you decide to use for you drives, so you might want to get your motherboard checked up by someone at a computer service shop.

Once again, nice troubleshooting job!

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