Some questions about Sapphire x1650pro 512MB GDDR3 AGP


Jan 18, 2008
Hi to all of you,

I am new to this forum, but hope I could find help here.

I am looking to upgrade my current graphics card NVIDIA Quadro2 EX 32MB. I done a bit of research and find that maybe ATI x1650pro would probably be the best value for money for my P4-2.0GHz machine.

I found the Sapphire x1650pro 512MB GDDR3 AGP card, I think it would be adequate for PES2008. And propably can just about run Battlefield 2 or COD4 as well (not running the games at the highest detail is fine with me, medium is suffice). But I just wants to get some 2nd opinions before I dish out the cash.

Also, my motherboard is only AGP 4x, would that affect the those games I listed above much? And more importantly, is the Sapphire card actually compatible and runs properly in AGP 4x? A lot of other Sapphire cards says they are AGP 4x/8x, but this one doesn't, so kinda worry.

My budget is around 50 - 60 pounds, that's $100 - $120, which ever currency flow your boat.

Thanks for all the helps before hands.

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