Some Win2k problems...


Dec 10, 2001
Actually two problems.
First, I lost my shutdown screen. The one that says "It's ok to turn off your computer". I have no idea where it went it just stopped appearing at shutdown. Not a big thing but I was just wondering what might have happened to it.

Also there is a graphics problem I can't figure out. I go to websites, we all do, that have gif and jpg pics on them and a lot of times the pics show as blank areas with a red x on them. Usually a refresh will bring them back but it gets annoying. I tried 3 different browsers but it's the same with all of them. I also checked the registry but everything seems to be ok there. Is there a setting somewhere I missed or can someone help. It worked fine when I installed 2000 a couple months ago.



Are you using a laptop? If so, try to enable the APM in the bios and should solve the shut down problem.