Question Someone help? - Weird graphic issue - not display related

Jun 29, 2021
Hey everyone,

I've encountered a super weird issue.
Since today, I see a very weird anomaly on my display, when I look up close, it looks like a black dot, with a line going through it and shadows around it.
My first thought was a dead pixel, although it looked a bit unlike a usual dead pixel:

So I did a pixel test from an online tool and the anomaly was still there.
Then I did a dead pixel test through the internal menu of my display and the anomaly was no longer visible.

This is when I realized it isn't related to the display or dead pixel, but then what is?

When I reboot my system, the anomaly is gone for a few minutes but then it appears again. Mostly on the same spot, but it also appeared once on another spot.

This is my rig information and display info:

AORUS RTX 3080 Xtreme 10GB (Recently new)
Intel Core I7 6800k Broadwell-E
Corsair Hydro Series H115i
Asus ROG X99 Strix Mobo
Kingston HyperX Savage 32GB DDR4 @2.4GHz Quad Channel
Samsung EVO 850 500GB SSD
Samsung EVO 860 1TB SSD
Samsung EVO 860 2TB SSD
WD Caviar Black HDD 2TB
2 x WD Caviar Green HDD 2TB
Be Cool Straight Power 1000W Platinum
Soundblaster ZX + Control Panel

My display is: Samsung LC49RG90 49" 5120 x 1440 , at 120hz, GSync enabled

Does anyone have an idea what this issue could be?
Jun 29, 2021
Ok update:
This is what I also did and realized during troubleshooting:

- Tried another DP cable between monitor and GPU:
The anomaly is still there

- Connected the DP cable to another DP port on GPU:
The anomaly is still there

- Connected my TV via HDMI to the GPU:
The anomaly is also shown on my tv

- Switched resolution on my monitor from 5120 x 1440 to 2560x1440:
The anomaly is shown in another position on the screen

In game: the anomaly is not visible

- Reinstalled my GPU driver:
The anomaly is gone for a few minutes but then it appears again


Sounds like the GPU is defective. Since the issue is following the GPU between different monitor types I would get in contact with Gigabyte and start the RMA process asap...who knows how long it will take a replacement to become available.