News Someone Just Invested $114K for a Sealed Copy of Super Mario Bros


Ridiculous. Just ridiculous.
Must be nice to have that kind of money LOL.
God knows, if it was me with that kind of money, I would've instead built the sickest gaming room, setup, and PC with the highest end VR with full body and a haptic suit.

At least I would get to enjoy what I spent my money on then.
I understand being a sort of collector, and reseller of collectible items, but damn, 114K for an NES game is just a tad bit too out there for me, but hey, if you got the bankroll, more power to you I guess :)
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Jan 30, 2017
I mean it's a sound investment, long yield, but still sound. But I still would love to see this person get home, rip it out of the packaging and throw it in for a $113,000 game of Mario


Dec 12, 2006
Wait a sec. I remember reading a similar story a year or two ago.(Sealed early Mario release selling for a ridiculous price) Is this just the guy who bought it last time selling it this time? I wonder if he made a profit. Oh wait, they mention that in the article. Still I wonder if it's literally the same game.
This sale sets a new record for what anyone has ever paid for a sealed copy of any game, surpassing 2019's record of $100,000 for the exact same game that was in a similar state -- so you can rest assured that the new owner won't be losing money on this one in the long run...
I'm not sure that's assured. What if someone comes across a case of these in a warehouse somewhere, perhaps in even better condition? There's also the possibility that it has hit its upper limit in terms of pricing. Maybe this is the same cartridge that sold for 100K last year, and that buyer decided to resell it quickly, as they may not have trusted it to retain its market value in the long-term. Or maybe a bunch of other people saw that prior sale, and have near-mint condition copies of their own that they are now trying to offload before it becomes apparent just how many might be floating around out there. There are lots of collectibles and antiques that lose value over time as trends change and they fall out of popularity. Ultimately, this is a mass-produced product that just happens to be in good condition in its original packaging. but it's not like a unique artwork of which there is only one original copy in existence, nor is it something that makes for a particularly attractive showpiece to hang on one's wall.

...unless they tamper with the packaging, or worse, indulge.
Ew... >_>
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