Question Something is terribly wrong with my laptop

Jun 30, 2022
This is so bizzare.

I have a Lenovo Y540. I used to put it on my lap while using it. I UVed it so the temps were under control.
For last few days, my touchpad went unresponsive after gaming. Since it resumed working after a reboot, I didn't bat an eye.

Then soon after my webcam went awol. Like it works for a few seconds after starting. But soon after it goes black or horribly distorted.
Same with my speakers. After a while, there is distortion equivalent to earr@pe.

So I got it checked at Lenovo. Turns out, oil from my lap went through the heatsink, to my motherboard. WTF?
He cleaned the surface of the board. Then it worked just fine. But after booting at home, the problem is still persistent and increasing.
Should I continue using with a hope that so called oil will eventually evaporate, or get it wiped again to remove oil, if its even possible?

ps. I can't afford board replacement.