Question Something is wrong with my gpu but I don't know what


Oct 26, 2019
So I was playing Star wars battlefront 2 and all of a sudden my screen went black and my gpu fans started to spin really fast. I quickly shut the system down using the button on the case. I ran the game multiple times and the same thing has happened. I don't think that it is overheating because the highest it has gotten to is 79 while playing the game. I have also ran the game on medium, high, and ultra settings. This also happened when I tried to play AOE 3 definitive addition. The one time I was able to play battlefront was when I manually had the fans set to 80 percent. What's wrong with my pc and how can I fix it. My specs are, asus rog strix rx580, ryzen 5 2600, asus rog strix b450-f, corsair rm850, samsung evo 970 plus, and 16gb of tridentz ram.

edit: It is also able to run BFV and R6 no problem.


Feb 23, 2018
Since the problem kind of went away when you changed your fan curve to 80 when playing battlefront this is probably an overheating issue. Some games are different so depending on the game it doesn’t put the GPU under load. I’ve never played the games you played though but I’ll bet it’s demanding.

anyways 80c is okay, but that’s a bit hot and running your GPU 80c every day is not a good idea since it decreases the life span of your GPU. Rx580s do run hot though as I had an MSI RX 580 and no matter what I did it always ran at 80c, but it never crashed like yours. If you have MSI afterburner, monitor your temps when playing Star Wars and reset your fan curve to auto to see what temps your getting..

Clean the card, replace the thermal paste, and if the thermal pads if they are dried up. Make sure you have good airflow in your case as well.