Question Sound automatically dims and comes back when it hears "loud" sounds coming from my mic

May 24, 2019
I've recently gotten these new RF headphones and everytime my pc detects not even that loud of a sound, the audio tries to compensate by fading away and then coming back. This creates an awful effect that makes me feel sick and is especially fucking annoying when I'm in a discord call with someone and I can't even hear them properly. Me having a mic that detects everything in the background (which I love because I want to hear everything like for example someone knocking on my door) makes it even worse because every little thing it detects, it starts to muffle the sound which pisses me off so much when I'm trying to hear my music or play games where hearing tiny little sounds is important. I have the Sony MDR-RF895RK RF Headphones and have already disabled the communications setting and the "allow applications to take exclusive control of this device" setting, also, manually checked to see if my actual windows sound changes during the act and it doesn't.