Question Sound fails to play from computer screens


Aug 4, 2017
Hey all, I'm sorry if this isn't the correct sub for it, but this was the best bet I had. If there is a better category this fits at, please forward me. Apologies!

So for a few days now, my computer has run into a strange issue, and that is that my computer screens no longer play sound. This is NOT consistent, and whilst this happens, playing sound from any other device (like my Bluetooth headset) works perfectly fine. My screens whilst using on other devices seem to have no problems at all, and windows DOES register a sound output being sent towards my screens (it has moving sound gauges, and it doesn't show a red icon of being unable to find/use the speakers).

(Re)booting my computer up very often just causes the screens to play sound like normally. In most cases, this only occurs when;
  • I disconnect my Headset
  • I reboot my computer, but my headset was connected after the last shutdown.
Me thinking openly, it seems the issue lies with the computer switching from Headset to Speakers
The only change that I have had done since this issue occurring was that I updated my graphics drivers to v445.75 (graphics card; Nvidia GeForce GTX 1070). This update was imperative to do, as my computer started to crash w/o outputting a bluescreen or log once in a few days, and updating the driver fixed that for me. But I very hardly understand what the two had to do with each other.

Thus far I've updated just about everything I could find; Windows, sound drivers, the drivers from my screens (Iiyama Black Hawk G2730HSU-B1).

I could really use some help at this point. My friends who have been helping me build this computer two years ago is also completely at a dead end, and to my perspective they're very knowledgeable - yet this baffles them too (They just seem to wrap it under that 'Windows often pushes out broken updates that fix itself in a new one over time').