Soundcard blew


Feb 16, 2010
well ive done somthing pretty rediculos.took out headphones from toshiba satellite laptop and no more,i hopped online and understood that the switch for the headphones is like a fiend for the net,i repeatedly and gently put the jack in and out for a few i took a mini screw driver.i could now hear the speakers.exept it just crackle and pop.the genious i am i stuck another screwdriver in the mic port.they touched and my laptop kicked the bed,or so i thought.3 years later i take the battery out and it works without sound.have i blown my sound card? or somthing that i cant easilly fix.ty
Have you checked the sound card driver installation? It seems as if you instantly drained/toasted the battery. Your sound may not work if too much power went trough. I would suggest that you get an external sound card for your laptop if you can't get it working. At least then you can use the laptop and still have sound.


Aug 22, 2008
It's impossible to say for sure without a schematic, but I wouldn't expect shorting the mic input to the headphone jack to damage anything. It's my guess that you have the original problem--funky jack. Does the sound work with headphones? You might have physically messed up the jack. (In the future, get a can of contact cleaner and squirt some in before "gently" exercising it with the plug.)