Source of my pain, ACPI? IRQ9? WTH...HELP! =)



I have formatted and installed Win2kpro 12 times.
Each time Windows allocates much of the hardware to IRQ 9.
I have plently of IRQ's available.
I am using a brand new ASUS-A7V266 board, new Micron DDR2100 ram, and a new Athlon 1700 XP.
I have an ELSA ERAZOR X Geforce256, Antec CPU fan, Antec 300WATT PS.

*some things I have done*
I have reset the bios and installed win2k with default settings.
I have set the bios for pnp and auto IRQ assingment.
I have set the bios to hold IRQ9 from install.
I have turned off Com ports and parallel port to free up more IRQ's.

Any suggestions? this board is running fine as far as I can tell.
With win2k IRQ's go to the dogs.


Dec 31, 2007
If you have an ACPI-compliant BIOS, and ACPI-compliant hardware, then Window 2000 is <i>supposed</i> to install the majority of the hardware on IRQ 9 by default. It is absolutely normal. A situation that requires IRQ's individually assigned to the hardware with this operating system is rare.

I suggest that you disable PnP in the BIOS, and disable any APM features. Re-enable any ACPI features, (or in some cases, ICPI.) Set the IRQ's on Auto, and don't try to reserve IRQ 9.

Disable whatever ports you are not going to use, such as the serial ports, if you don't have a dial-up modem.

Then install the operating system. If you see no device conflicts after doing so, then your system is fine. And by that I mean, with a noticeable lack of blue screens, and error messages in the Device Manager.

This is not a problem. It is a feature.

I have eight devices sharing IRQ 9 in my main system, and it is exceptionally stable.


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Dec 4, 2001
Why would it a problem for them to all be assigned to the same IRQ? PCI cards are meant to share IRQs.. Is there another issue that you are getting errors for the cards, or do you simply WANT them to go elsewhere other than the auto-assigned ones?

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Feb 5, 2002
Got about 6 items on IRQ 9 here too and it's running fine.

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