Question Speaker cut off immediately at low volume/no signal?!

Dec 26, 2021
Recently bought an f&d Tower speaker 110W and they sound pretty good at high volume, the first issue I seem to have is that if I lower the volume too much or no audio signal, it goes completely mute or cut off immediately, most noticeably is when listening to music at a lower volume it completely cut out or keeps popping. Or Whenever there is a quiet moment during a movie or video game or something, my speakers cuts out, by which I mean that the background noise cuts out abruptly when there is a pause between conversation. Usually if something loud happens in a movie, or if the bass hits a low note they'll pop back on and then off again. it’s very annoying. It turns out watching a popping movie!

I’m familiar with the Erp system, but the speakers supposed to auto-standby after 10-15 mins of not getting any signal, but not immediately after the end of a signal as mine!

Anyone have any experience with an issue like this?


Try turning off all power savers on all devices just as a matter of elimination.

If the muting and cutting off stop then you can restore power savers etc. one at a time allowing time between restorations. You may discover that one particular device is the culprit.

Check the loudness equalization setting. It may have some other name or configuration reference.


(Second link just another reference: not an endorsement or recommendation.)

Read and then do some additional searches based on your audio setup in order to narrow down search results.