Question Spikes to 100% GPU usage, driver crashes.

Jan 9, 2022
I've been having issues with my GPU crashing. It seems like a driver error, almost like the GPU is being disconnected and reconnected for a split second. I have tried:

Replacing the PSU

Factory resetting the PC

Replacing the GPU

Replacing drivers


Stress tests for gpu + cpu.


It will crash on literally any game, stuff like runescape, minecraft, terraria. Anything that will use the gpu. I have a suspicion it may be the PCIe connector on the motherboard causing the issue, but I really have no clue. The gpu isnt overheating, especially on the normal games I play (such as csgo). A way I have found to trigger the crash consistently, is to watch some video (youtube, twitch, any streaming) and playing a game at the same time. Any help is appreciated.


Ryzen 5 1400
GTX 1660 ti EVGA
B350m Bazooka Msi
32gb DDR4
600W PSU