Question Spilt water on PC - GPU inoperable

Oct 1, 2022
Hi there so I spilled some water on the front of my tower and the computer shut off and would not turn back on. The next day I was troubleshooting and found that the power light was on the motherboard but when I went to turn computer on the fans would spin for a split second but nothing else would happen. I then disconnected the graphics card and the computer started, so right now I am using integrated graphics. Any ideas? Do you think the graphics card is shot or maybe there's a faulty connection somewhere? No water touched anywhere near the motherboard or graphics card, maybe the front intake fan if anything. Thank you so much!


Update your post to include full system hardware specs and OS information.

Any beep codes, LEDs, or other debugging codes via the motherboard?

My thought is that the GPU or its' host PCI slot (maybe both) were damaged - something short circuited.

Normal troubleshooting would involve trying the graphics card in another known working computer and/or trying another known working GPU in your tower's motherboard.

However, either way risks some damage to the test device.

Use a bright flashlight to inspect GPU and motherboard PCI slot for signs of damage. May not be visible so the there will still be uncertainty.
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