Question Ssd bad health and media test failure

Jan 7, 2022
I'm getting Whea Uncorrectable Blue screen and then bootloop with media test failure that fixes by it self … I mean : i force shutdown the lap top and leave it few hours then turn on again and it boots fine without errors atleast until the next whea uncorrectable blue screen and bootloop.

I have Lenovo y520 lap top that has 1 T HDD and 128 SSD that i have my windows installed on the SSD ..
The SSD health in crystal disk mark shows 75 % and bad with two Errors:
Critical Warning 0000000002
critical temperature 00000000156
and Samsung magician Smart section also shows critical warnings.

this are the things i have tested :
used memtes86 for 8 passes and result was 0 errors .
tried stress testing with furmark no errors and Bsod.
tried stress testing with prime95 no errors and Bsod.
i have no overclocking.
installed fresh windows with all updated drivers .
updated BIOS.
tried System stability test with AID64 still no error or bsod.
so the only part that shows a error is the SSD and considering the Media Test Failure

does it mean that my SSD is responsible for Blue Screens with Whea Uncorrectable Error?


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