Question SSD/HDD randomly stops working

Oct 25, 2021
So uhm, I have this weird issue with my PC, one of my SSD's randomly stops responding, can't access any file, run any game installed on it... Its not broken or anything cos all i have to do is turn off my PC, unplug it, boot and then turn it off and plug it back in and it works fine, same problem i had with my HDD and though it was broken but turns out it wasn't. I changed SATA cable, connected it to a different SATA port but nothing seems to fix it for good. Not sure if its something with Windows or maybe my motherboard, I have 3 SSD's connected rn, 2 of them work fine and I don't know what's wrong anymore... Could it be something with Windows? Is it my motherboard?

Turns out its something with my motherboard, PC wouldn't boot, was stuck on VGA diode, had to reset bios settings for it to start working.
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This is pretty likely to be a motherboard issue. Multiple drives, cables, SATA ports, with same problem, is generally almost always a motherboard issue although in some few cases it could possibly end up being a chipset or storage controller driver issue, but those would be unlikely to work right after a restart. They'd usually be a problem all the time. Motherboard might work fine until the storage controller or whatever is causing the problem has been on a while and heats up, acts up again, etc.