Question SSD suddenly not working but recognised in other pc.


Jan 6, 2021
Was watching a movie on my mediacenter pc and suddenly it froze and the SSD (Samsung 840 EVO 120GB) kept lit. No keyboard response.
  1. Hard reboot: No OS found error
  2. Hard reboot into bios: No drive connected to SATA ...
  3. Took it out and plugged it into my main pc and it showed the drive had errors and needed fixing and so i did and let windows handle it. Both pc's have the same windows 10 Home build 22H2.
  4. Then scanned it with crystaldiskinfo and that showed no errors and good health and it seemed to work fine.
  5. Plugged it back into the media center, same problem. not detected by the motherboard.
This is not a normal pc its a small nuc with a fixed single sata port.

Is the single sata port now dead or fault in the motherboard?