Question stable motherboard for an AMD FX9590

May 25, 2020
Hey there, I'm new to these forums, but I've been kit-bashing computers for a while now. I recently got an AMD FX9590 CPU. Research tells me that there are actually a select few motherboards that actually work with this CPU. I've noticed that many posts regarding the '9590 concern over-clocking. I have no interest in OC'ing, rather I'd like to be able to play some older online games with a system powered by this CPU. I'm talking the WarGaming titles(World of Tanks/WarPlanes/Warships) and World of WarCraft.

I first slapped the '9590 onto a Sabertooth 990FX that I had my 8-series FX in. Evidently they didn't play well together, to the point that I was forced to replace that motherboard. I believe my VRs failed. For reference, I had a Radeon 590 installed, and was utilizing a CoolerMaster 1200W PS. I don't think power-draw in total was my issue, so I'm a little hesitant about just getting any other "990" chipset motherboard.

I'd like to get some more thoughts from you fellow hardware...ers concerning what a good motherboard selection would be.


First, it wasn't really the OC. I can't think of anytime I actually saw anybody successfully OC a 9590. It was always either downclock or being able to run that cpu at its default turbo speeds. The problem being the select few boards built with a power delivery system capable of the 220w+ those cpus demanded.

The R1 version of the Sabertooth could easily handle a 8 series at only 125w, but it wasn't until the R2 version that you really could use the 9 series.

That said, even the largest aircoolers had issues, with the low ceiling temps of the FX, trying to keep that beast inside thermal margins really required liquid cooling, the original stock cooler for the 9590 was in fact an aio, but that was short lived since it was insufficient like every stock cooler back then, later releases had no cooler, just a disclaimer.

So you face several obstacles, none of which are cheap. You'll need a good 280mm/360mm AIO, or full custom loop in appropriate size, and you'll need a top of the line AM3+ mobo like the Asus Crosshair/Extreme or Gigabyte 990FXA-UD5 etc. Even the Sabertooth 2.0 or MSI 970Gaming was on the short list of barely able mobos. Production of those boards was essentially stopped years ago, so most of what you'll find is either an older, used mobo with uncertain history or NOS which demands unreasonable pricing.

For what it will cost to get that beast up and running and thermally stable and viable, you'll end up with a platform and cpu that will not surpass the performance of a new platform. This pretty much sums it up:

With OC, you could generally get an FX 8350/8370 to @ 4.8-4.9GHz at much lower power/hardware demand and get almost identical results to a stock 9590.
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Return FX-9590 if possible. Otherwise sell it on ebay. Do not sink any more money into that platform. Those processors were a novelty when they first came out, but now they are behind even the lowliest Ryzens when it comes to performance, no matter high you clock them.

You can get a Ryzen 3 or Ryzen 5 pretty cheap with a B450 board and 2x8GB of DDR4 (even the cheap Micron or Hynix stuff) and it will run faster, cooler, and not need crazy cooling or power to do so.

- ET1