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Gerry Linley

Aug 3, 2011
When I swich on my Dell Studio 540 a screen appears after the Dell sign giving me the option of Windows Microsoft Vista or Windows Vista. I have to choose and press the entry key. How can I make the computer simply open Windows Vista without the choice screen

Dark Lord of Tech

Retired Moderator
You can delete the old Operating System entry using system configuration utility. To do this, follow the steps mentioned below:

a) Click the Start button and type MSCONFIG in the search bar and hit Enter

b) Click continue if prompted for confirmation

c) In the System Configuration Utility go to the Boot Tab, you should see two Operating systems listed

d) Select the Operating System entry (Old installation) you want to delete and click the option “Delete”

e) Click on Apply and Ok

f) Reboot your computer and verify th
e change

Very Important: Ensure that you remove the old Windows installation and do not remove the Windows installation entry that is working fine and set as default.