Question Static ip issues


Jul 26, 2011

I ve been using the same static IP on my pcs without issues for 2 years.
Today I installed QNAP dongles as I am upgrading my network to higher speeds.

As I try the same static IP on the new adapter (I have disabled the default one from motherboard and has no ip assigned) it gives me the "Multiple default gateways are intended to provide redundancy etc"
I have 4 pc's on the network but all using separate ips, I have this setup for years without a problem. With those dongles something weird happened since yesterday.

Any ideas appreciated!
You must not have fully removed the configuration on the old adapter.

You should be able to see this with a IPCONFIG /all.

The warning message just means you have 2 gateway statements configured, likely the exact same one. The concept of gateway for a home users generally means where is the internet. You can only have a single path to the default gateway.

There are other configuration used in commercial server installs but I though you needed a server license to use that. I am not sure what the redundancy part means on a non server license.

In any case go back and check that you did not leave a gateway statement on the old interface.

Also check the ROUTE PRINT command maybe there is a static route saved.