[SOLVED] Still no signal after replacing PSU and removing the GPU.

Mar 2, 2021
I've replaced old Antec tp3-550 with a new Seasonic Focus gx550. When I turned on the PC, every fan was spinning and mobo indicators lit, but no signal on the monitor. I removed the GPU and plugged in HDMI into mobo (Asus prime a320m-k) to see if it's something else causing the problem. Turned on the PC and still no signal.

Could that be the CPU at fault? Perhaps not connected correctly? The PC won't boot without the CPU, correct?

Can PC boot without the CPU to the point of being able to access bios or at least to see the Asus logo or something or is it only black screen without the CPU?

Sorry for the dumb question, but that would help me to know what most likely can be at fault, since Im new to building PCs and am bad at troubleshooting.

P.S. I've used only the DC cables that went with the new power supply and I've run it with the provided 24pin tester.

The reason I'm replacing the old PSU is that it was bad and it killed two hdds and one SSD (progressively not all at once). Every other part seemed to work fine and PC would boot the last time I ran it with the old PSU.

I,ve also tried booting PC with each ram stick separately but it was with the GPU, so I might try it again without the GPU this time.

Also could not properly connected hdd or sdd cause black screen/no signal?
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