Question Strange audio problem

May 1, 2019
I'm having a problem with my audio on my PC. It started a couple days ago when I downloaded a video game from Steam...after playing the game for a couple hours the audio on my headphones started to intermittently cut out. So, I checked the audio from YouTube and after about 2 mins. it was doing the same thing. I then logged into my Guild Wars 2 account and it did not happen at all in over two hours of gameplay. Went back to YouTube and it started happening again every few mins...but this time I noticed that my cursor was stuttering as I moved it during these audio "hiccups". I just watched a 45 min. video at a different video aggregator and the problem did not occur at all. I've plugged my heaphones into all the available usb ports and the problem is present in all of them. I don't think the problem is with my headphones because how would that cause my cursor to stutter?

Anyone know what the problem might be? I'm open to all suggestions at this point.