Question Strange blocking with JDownloader and Google Drive

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Oct 12, 2014
In September 2021 Google has introduced a change in old files, I noticed that all my files/folders from 2018 (or older) had this thing applied to them:

So let's say I shared a video with you, and you visited this link before this date.

You'll still have access to it. But if you only knew the old link, then I (the owner of such file) would have to visit my own account, then generate a new link for you.

Example: old link before Sep 2021: hfdksjhfdksjhfksdhf93784298472

New link after this month: hfdksjhfdksjhfksdhf93784298472??resourcekey=hkhksfh9023

Of course all recent links from GD didn't have this change, so they are all 100% fine.

There's a software known worldwide that is used to mass-download Google Drive files/folders:

However I noticed it's not allowing me anymore to download ANY old file using resourcekey. I can list dozens of examples in which this happens. No matter what I do, the download doesn't start. Only the new ones, not using this.

My contention with the admins of this program is that they swear the problem is limited to my computer, and claim they are able to download * ANY LINK *.

So I promised them to ask someone else that is unrelated to me if they are capable of downloading a test link I am going to inform below.

If any of you can, then this is the ultimate confirmation the problem is exclusive to my side.

If you can't, then the GD plugin is broken and this confirms what I've been saying to them for a while. And this also means they can't deny this fact any longer.

If there's an error, then it will say one of these two:

Insufficient permissions/private file or quota reached

Just so you can see, this is a recent link that even I can download:

In case you want to add a GOOGLE account to JDW, this is how it's done:

But for the purpose of that test, they explained it isn't necessary.

I appreciate if someone can help me on this.


Forum rules prohibit assistance with resolving permissions, file access problems, resource keys, etc..

Overall, the sharing/download and access right problems cited must be resolved between you, Google, JDW, etc.

In addition the provided links and instructions appear to be spam in nature. Spam is also prohibited.

Closing thread accordingly.
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