Strange HDMI issue


Feb 22, 2011
Hey all.

So I'm having a strange issue that I'm baffled about.

Recently I bought a new philips flat screen. When I connect the HDMI of the tv to the computer (W7) it causes the computer to not boot properly. It goes to the welcome screen, loads, then nothing. Eventually goes the the safe boot screen. When the computer is connected to my older Sharp flat screen with either HDMI or VGA it loads fine. Even if it loads fine, it crashes once I connect the HDMI to the philips. The philips does not have a VGA to test on.

So obviously the problem is the problem is the philipd HDMI. My questions are:

1. Has anyone encountered this problem before?
2. What is causing this?
3. Any resolution? I want the philips to be my main screen but with this problem it simply cannot be....



Nov 19, 2008
Strange, but try opening your event viewer, and see if that shows up anything in the failed drivers, or something that sort. I remember my integrated HD graphics from AMD did something similar where graphic driver simply went crazy, and after some beta drivers, they worked. Also, which mobo do you have? Which Philips flat screen did you purchase? Is there a difference in the screen refresh rate? As far as I can remember, if you are using a 120 Hz display with HDMI, you may need a fast speed HDMI cable as well. It should not be an issue because the TV's are backwards compatible, but worth a shot.
Do you have a second monitor... hook it up and boot to it on DVI or VGA. Once fully booted up, see if you can just plug in the HDMI from the Phillips. Set the resolution to an easy to read 1366x768 or close to that. You can scale it after it picks it up.