Strange resolution problem after updating Nvidia display drivers


Jun 23, 2009
Due to some weird problems I was experiencing with my graphics cards, I was forced to update my drivers. Original issues aside, after the installation process (yes, beforehand I booted into safe mode and ran a driver cleaner and everything), I noticed that my screen resolution was set at 1680x1050 instead of my preferred 1440x900. I also noticed that 1440x900 was missing from Display Properties altogether!

I went into the Nvidia Control Panel > Manage 3D Settings and changed the Multi-display/Mixed-GPU acceleration feature from "Multiple display performance mode" to "Single display performance mode", which restored the 1440x900 resolution in the options. However, switching to that yields this result:

Unlabeled picture:

The screen cuts off on the right side, leaving just black. There is a gray bar which cuts across the bottom of the screen, below which there seems to be a "copy" of the topmost part of the desktop. Also, down the middle of the screen there's this weird black line thing with little tick marks that seem to rapidly scroll up and down across it.

Just to make sure this driver (Forceware 185.85) wasn't faulty or something, I rolled back to several previous drivers and each has the same problem, including the one I originally had installed (179.48)! I should also mention that using "Manage custom resolutions" in the Nvidia CP has the same effect. Attempting to take a screenshot using the Print Screen key only saves the upperleft most "section" of the display, thus my having to photograph my screen. Are my cards just plain broken or is this something that can be remedied? Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

Sager 9262
Windows XP Professional SP3
Intel Core 2 Duo E8500 3.16 GHz
2x Nvidia 9800M GT SLI
2x Apacer 1GB RAM DIMM DDR2
233 GB (NTFS) Hitachi - 195 GB Free
Mobo: Clevo D900C
Realtek 883 HD Audio