Question Stream my media FROM Windows 10 PC TO my Android 11 phone using VLC

Stelios Giatrellis

Apr 10, 2015
Hello all, I'm trying to stream my media FROM Windows 10 PC TO my Android 11 phone using VLC. My files are located on my 2nd D drive which I can't see them in my phone. I'm trying to make it work in 2 ways.
FIRSTLY, by enabling the ''Media Stream Options'' in which I can only stream shared media files only when they are located in desktop folder. I tried to turn off sharing option for Desktop Folder with no success, also checked in computer management/shared folders/shares and no ''C:\Users\user\Desktop'' is listed for sharing. Probably, somehow, idk, is it a bug of windows maybe? Also, I put media files backwards, I mean....''C:\Users\user'' with sharing enabled, and files are not listed either, I did that in order to check if the files appear on my phone and no they do NOT! They only shown forwards I mean ex. ''C:\Users\user\Desktop/test folder/kids folder'' and so on. Moreover, sharing by right clicking on desktop folder and then shutting down sharing doesn't work, it stays shared FOREVER LoL!!! ..... what on earth is going on??? Why I can’t turn off sharing on desktop folder?
SECONDLY by enabling sharing in every folder I want to share by fixing all the owners, privilages rights and adding ''everyone'' as a user. No luck! It keeps asking for SMB credentials on VLC. I have turned off ''password protected sharing'' and tried both options of bit encryptions and I’m logged on my computer with local account without setting up any password, I tried to use only my username but it wont work, it keeps asking for SMB credentials. I can’t make it work which makes me furious. In both ways sharing works when try with another computer. Any thoughts?