Stream PC to iPhone/Android.Possible?


Sep 14, 2011
Well,maybe I´m in the wrong field here,but I need to ask this and I think someone here could know the answer.

Now that I know how to control pc games from my iPhone/Android(Diablo 3) for the moment working great,I was wondering how to STREAM PC GAMES TO THE IPHONE/ANDROID.

I mean,is it possible?
Like a OnLive but only at your place using Wi-Fi?
Something like Team Viewer can do it?

Are there any apps out there that can do this?

Oh,how I play Diablo 3 with the iPhone.


Sep 19, 2008
Yes, check out 'Splashtop Remote'. There's a ton of different apps, Splashtop Remote, HD, THD, Gamepad, it's is a little confusing, but I currently use Splashtop Remote because it has a nice control of the 'image quality' so you can get more fps but at the cost of image quality. If you have a non-tegra 3 phone, splashtop remote is your best choice.

If you do have tegra 3 phone, the Gamepad and THD version of the app has optimizations for full screen support (windowed-maxed is of course supported everywhere). Also, i think they leverage geforce gfx cards on your server that's streaming if you have it.

Worth checking it out, if you have wifi, it works great. 4g, not bad (pretty good if you have a good signal), 3g, I don't think you will have good results.