Streaming and recording online multiplayer games

Feb 28, 2018
So I play online mp games ALOT on a daily basis, and I also have a youtube channel on which I want to stream and make videos about some online mp games. So I turn on obs, start streaming, and when I go to see how the stream looks, its using one frame for 30 seconds, and then another frame for another 30 seconds and its going nowhere, but in the game (from my vision) the fps is maybe 30fps. Its usually 50-70fps when Im not recording or streaming. And I have a pretty old computer, so Im planning to upgrade something in it, but I dont know what I need to change. So my final question is, what is the part of my computer that needs to be changed? Is it GPU or CPU or something else? Cuz im pretty sure its not the settings because I have tried so many different settings but just nothing seems to work.
Please respond, thank you!


I am not familiar with streaming or recording gameplay video so I cannot explain why OBS is only recording 1 frame every 30 seconds.

What I can tell you is that is the recording video is very CPU intensive so the fact that the FPS drops to 30 FPS when you are attempting to record is not at all surprising. Generally speaking, you want at least a quad core CPU when playing games in general so that there can be 2 cores for the game and 2 cores for recording video. I think most online games use at most 2 CPU cores, but there are games that can use more than that. Overwatch is an example of a game that can make use of more than 4 core and also Hyper Threading (Intel Core i7 CPUs). I say at least a quad core, because if you record games that can make use of 4 cores, then then will see a performance drop since OBS will be using those cores as well.

A new GPU is recommended as well. Most games are limited by the GPU so a weak / old GPU means lower performance compared to something that is more modern. Basically, you need a completely new system. A modern CPU, a new motherboard that is compatible with that CPU, you will also need to by new RAM since modern CPUs use DDR4 RAM instead of the older DDR3 RAM.


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