Streaming Diablo 3 Question


Oct 27, 2012
Hello all I'm new to this forum and was recommended by my brother to ask my questions here. I want to start streaming my PC gaming (Starcraft 2 & Diablo 3) but when I do the game gets super bogged up and looks very choppy. My brother said it's probably 3 things...
1) My Video card... I doubt it is this, because my Video card is pretty beefy.
2) RAM... I'm only running at 4GB, but using 64 bit Processor. I want to bring up the total to 8 and hopefully that fixes it.
3) My internet. I do have Comcast, but I dont see why this would be the problem.

I'm guessing there is other things that could cause this as well, but I really want to get into streaming. I will update this thread later 2nite with my specs of my CPU.

I apoligize for not having the specs atm, but I'm currently at work. Talk to you soon.

Email me @ if you would like to help me directly. I will update this in 2-3 hours!!

ThANKS!! :hello: