Question Stuck at BIOS after trying to use CMD to retrieve my missing profile

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Oct 29, 2022
I don't know where to properly post this

Yesterday: I was previously signed onto my account and was about to log into a game with my friends for a session, but it suddenly froze. I waited for almost 20 minutes before I pushed the power button and forced it to restart.

However, when it went to the sign-on screen, my profile wasn't there and instead someone else.

That profile is the seller who sold me this computer almost 3 years ago.

I tried restarting multiple times, advanced restart, shutting it down for an hour.

I even tried the system restore option, but the Seller's profile is still there and is the only profile there.

I tried the password he provided me years ago when I was switching the admin provileges to my account, but it said "device offline" or told me to restart (again), so I can't log on AT ALL.

All my work, commission projects and private info is on my profile and I'm getting increasingly more stressed as I see the seller's profile over and over after each restart.

Extra info: I also made multiple attempts in the last year to update windows to 11, but it kept giving me an "error," so I'm forever stuck with 10.

I was at the blue screen after advanced restart to try and do a system restore after multiple attempts to restart and restore all day yesterday.

Unfortunately, I seem to get stuck at step 6, returning to the first screen after using CMD to use the command "net user administrator /active: yes"

I don't see the option to return to the first screen, but after I close the command prompt, it goes to the option of either:

A) Troubleshoot, leading to more options like system restore (didn't work), System Image Recover (didn't work), Startup Repair (same result), Command Prompt, UEFI/BIOS Firmware settings, or "Go back to Previous Build," (also didn't work)

or B) Turn of PC

I tried option B, but it just led back to Square 1

I was scouring through Google searching all day to fiddle with BIOS and Command Prompts, trying to use the CMD to fiddle with the disks and scans.

Though it kept saying it was unable to scan and eventually tried to work on the disks through the CMD.

However, halfway through scanning, it did that "freakout" again as of 9:25pm didn't respond to anything for almost 20 minutes. No key tapping, mouse movement, or clicking gave any response, so I had to do a force restart again.

Upon restarting, now it's just goes to the BIOS/UEFI Utility mode and won't go to the sign-on prompts, so now I don't even see the seller's profile. Just the BIOS screen by Republic of Gamers.

I tried loading the BIOS default settings. but instead of going straight to the Sign-on screen, it loops back to BIOS.

I try exiting or rebooting (again) and it goes to a black screen with a blinking white underscore for a couple seconds and it's straight back to BIOS

I'm very confused as to what is going on with this computer.

If the information helps, this is a custom built pc with Razer, using Geforce gtx
I can't say what other specs it has, since I am unable to sign into my profile, nor can I find said profile. It's assumed it may be corrupted, but in place is the profile of the seller, even though I removed his profile after buying and moved admin privileges to my (now missing) profile.

The BIOS/UEFI Utility is also by Republic of Gamers

It's forever stuck at Windows 10, as prior to this stressful event, it kept giving an error every time I tried to update it to 11.

If you need boot information, there's Samsung SSD 840 EVO 250GB, Kingston SV300S37A240G, and WDC WD10EZEX-08M2NA0
First two are "E1" while the last is "E2"

Boot option 1 is under Samsung, but I tried rearranging it to see if it'd helps. Same result.

I tried disabling the Secure Boot sate: Same result.

Tried scouring through the BIOS' ASUS EZ Mode, but same result. But I don't know where to look anyway,

I tried forcing it off again and on, since I no longer have the option to restart as normal.

Been over 24 hours of trying to figure it out.

I did have it taken a look at by a local computer repairman because there were a lot of loose items from the move.
He had a fan replaced, new thermal past put in, and a BIOS battery (I assume that he saw it was needed).

UPDATE: So I purchased an external harddrive under Seagate BUP Slim, set it up on this laptop, including the Windows 10 installer. I then plugged it to the affected computer and attempted to boot it. Still BIOS, but I see the Seagate harddrive in the Boot list.
However, when I click on it, it still goes to a black screen with a blinking white underscore. Did I accidentally skip a step? What else can I do?

UPDATE 2: I double checked that I got the Windows 10 installer set up into the ext drive, and it seems that BIOS won't recognize it? Or it won't register it, even though it's in the usb plug AND the ext drive itself is lit up, indicating it is indeed connected.

UPDATE 3: Back to Square 2 finally. I'm not sure if it booted from the ext drive, but it's nice NOT to see BIOS immediately after booting.
However, after clicking Repair PC, it brought me to
Shut down PC
or Troubleshoot with the following sub-options
  1. Startup Repair
  2. Command Prompt
  3. Uninstall Updates
  4. System Restore
  5. System Image Recovery
Option 1, Startup Repair, led to the result "Startup Repair couldn't repair your PC. Press Advanced options or Shut down."
Option 2, Command Prompt, I attempted to do a system reset through that but it was not a recognizable command.
Option 3, I skipped for now until I get the okay that this is a safe option
Options 4, System Restore, didn't work or.. it didn't specify. It said that was to specify which Windows Installation to restore and to restart (wary about doing that).
Option 5 was also a no-go.

Leaving it on and fiddling with the command prompt to work around and find a way get the ext drive to go
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The original post:
Installer's in the new ext drive
I do not understand what you are trying to do...
You were supposed to create a bootable USB flash drive, which is not the same as placing an installer on an external drive.
I suggest you take the drive, with your data, out of the computer, place it on a USB adapter and connect it to another working computer before you wipe your data by mistake.
You will be able to browse the data and save it to the backup drive you just got.

but for almost 24 hours, it won't go past BIOS.
The BIOS is looking for a bootable partition and an installer won't just do.

I'm tech savvy, but more for games and art rather than the.. brain of tech.
If you are not in your comfort zone, then get someone else with a bit of understanding.
Your data might be still on the drive and could be be simple to retrieve it.
Oct 29, 2022
I do not understand what you are trying to do...
You were supposed to create a bootable USB flash drive, which is not the same as placing an installer on an external drive.
I suggest you take the drive, with your data, out of the computer, place it on a USB adapter and connect it to another working computer before you wipe your data by mistake.
You will be able to browse the data and save it to the backup drive you just got.

A smaller flash drive? Alrighty, I will go get one. I have a LOT of projects on my computer, which is why I thought the usb ext drive would be a better option. But at least I have a backup drive now for when/if it starts working again.

I wanted to take it to a computer repairman to break the bank, but they were closed over the weekends in this state and only open during the weekdays. It made for a stressful weekend.
If you do not see to option to "Reset this PC", then your only option might be to re-install Windows.
  • Insert your installation USB flash drive and boot from it.
  • When it loads, select the language and keyboard, then click "Next".
-Click "Install Now".
-When asked to type your product key ...skip it. Your computer will be activated automatically when it's connected online.
  • Select "Custom" as the installation type
  • Select the C: drive and click Next to proceed. Then, wait until the installation is completed.

Do not format the C: drive during the Setup
Your data will be moved to a folder named Windows.old , in the root directory of C: drive. After the installation, you can browse the folder Windows.old and all your files are saved there.
Purchase a new ssd drive. Microcenter right now if you have one nearby is selling 512gb inland models for 19.99. Get something like that imo.

Physically remove the ssd drive that has your data.

Install the new drive you purchased.

Install windows onto the new drive you purchased.

Look on Amazon there should be an adapter that will allow you plug your old drive into a USB port on your pc. From there you should be able to browse any data remaining on the old drive. Hopefully the drive has not failed and your data is still there.

DO NOT use the windows installer on the pc with the original drive if you are not sure what you are doing.