Question Stuck in the middle of a clean install of win10!


Jun 19, 2012
After a day of all this I'm hoping someone can point me to the answer!!!

Built a PC 7 years ago with a OCZ ssd. In the recent past I would get message to scan the drive after a reboot and then one day I start the PC and I get a win10 screen with nothing but a recycle bin and a taskbar. All my desktop things are gone. I run this down to what seems to be a win10 update gone bad.

So I get a new samsung 860 ssd and do a clean install following the directions on the site here (many thinks to the folks that help folks like me!!!). At this point I have a nice new PC ... which is pretty worthless to be sure.

I reconnect the OCZ ssd and think I will use file explorer to copy the files from old drive to new ... but although the drive has partitions and the partitions have space used there are no files shown in file explorer. I searched for solutions to this but everything points to hidden files and dealing with that doesn't solve the issue.

My guess at this point is that the old drive has an old admin account that blocks the files and my clean install has the microsoft account with my email that is different ... although I'm just pulling that out of my butt with no confidence I have a clue.

Would anyone be able to point me towards a solution??? I can be the only person to have this issue but I just don't know what I am looking for to solve it.


Mar 10, 2019
My first move would be to burn a Live Linux distro, and boot from that to take a look at the OCZ contents. That will at least tell you if there is anything left to move to the new SSD. Further, the Live Distro will enable you to do the file moves without much of a problem.