Question Stuck on "Republic of Gamers" screen after boot ?


Feb 4, 2016
Hello. After turning on my PC after it's been off, most of the time it gets stuck on the "republic of gamers" screen. I can tell it's stuck if there is no loading circle. I then use the restart button to restart the PC, and most of the time it boots normally. Rarely it still doesn't and windows repair opens, but I press restart and it boots normally. It's been happening for quite a while now, so I'm wondering if it's something that can be fixed, or a component issue. Thanks.

Intel Core I7-6700K @ 4.6GHZ
Nvidia 3070 FE
Corsair 32GB Ram (4x8GB) 2666MHz
Asus Maximus VIII Motherboard
1TB Sandisk SATA SSD