Question Stutter issue unlike anything I've dealt with, similar issue fixes don't help.

Sep 20, 2022
This stutter issue is seemed to pop up recently, without doing any hardware, bios, or software changes recently. If I leave me PC running for most of the day (usually doing some game updates, or downloading a game as I have DSL out where I live) and come back to play a game or emulators, I will get the hitches or micro stutters that happen extremely fast but often enough where it becomes annoying and distracting. I believe they are more annoying to me as I enjoy playing CS:GO and Halo competitively and during those quick stutters/hitches it has distracted me from a shot or movement.

Everything I monitor seems normal, during these times it seems like FPS drops a little? Hard to tell though. I do have a couple NVIDIA changes I have done to make Star Citizen run a little better, will list those changes below. My temps are also perfect. Any direction on this would be amazing thank you, my next step is to bring it to a local pc repair place, and I really don't want to that as I feel I am very tech savvy building and diagnosing computer for the last 10 years, but this issue has got me. The only thing I think it could be is my SSD with Windows on it is at ~90% but not sure why it would be an issue after sitting?

PC Specs:
i9 9900k @5ghz
MSI z390 Gaming Pro Carbon AC
Asus ROG RTX 3070
32gb of Corsair 3200 Ram
x2 Samsung 860 Evo SSD

Nvidia Settings:
10gb Shader cache
V Sync fast
Reflex on

Im sure I changed more but not sure if this will help or change outcome of issue.

THANK YOU to anyone who helps take the time to read this all and help. I dont plan on upgrading again till AMD 7000 is out for a bit.


Jun 13, 2020
I used to have these "micro hitches" on my old amd system playing cs:go years ago. I cant really remember what fixed it, but i will try giving some solutions.

# Use v-sync. If you dont want to use v-sync because it increases input lag, atleast cap your games FPS to your monitors refresh rate.

# Give your SSD some breathing space, delete/move unnecesary files to another drive. Delete temp. files.

# Make sure you have your XMP profile activated, so your Ram doesnt run on default something like 2133Mhz.

# Also if you make some changes for a game in nvidia controll panel, make sure you made the change only for the program, not for global settings.

# This one might sound weird, but check whats your "Up Time" on the system, Task manager -> Performance. If you havent restarted(not shutdown) your PC in a long while, it might become somewhat unstable/slower, do that, make sure to restart, not to shutdown.

# FPS games like cs:go are more CPU dependant that GPU, so make sure you have the necesary chipset drivers, and you dont have tons of unecesarry programs running in backround, draining your CPU.

# Complete wipe of GPU drivers, and clean reinstall.

# Play around with game settings, if you have more than 4cores, try enabling multi_core rendering on cs:go. Althou cs:go is more likelly to run smoother on single core, however in some cases this helps.
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