Question Stuttering in all games - especially when loading areas.

Feb 11, 2022
For the last year or so, maybe 9 months, ive been having issues where my PC will stutter when a game is loading (both at boot and in the game itself).

In forza horizon 5, when starting a race, the loading animation will have multiple hitches. probably half a second each. very noticable. Also, when booting the game, even the loading screen (just a picture that shifts a little bit) will stutter. Throughout the map, because it is open world and loads in as you play (i assume) ill get lots of stutters and hitches. more pronounced when driving quickly down a highway. Guessing its because its loading more, more quickly.

In rainbow six siege, when loading into the map the loading screen, which also just moves a little, will have a hitch. Also seemingly random hitches throughout the match. Even when going into the item shop, when clicking an item (which then will load the 3d model), ill get a little stutter as it loads.

Those are games I play more frequently that I can notice larger differences in, but in almost every game ill get some form of stutter or hitch when loading in. I even get stutters in chrome with new tabs and when booting windows.

While this isnt a problem on its own, where it comes to be an issue is in open world games especially. Really takes you out of it.

I have noticed at points high levels of hard pagefaults. 50,000/second at points when loading some games. I have seen moderately high DPC latency in latencymon (up to 1500, give or take) from the video driver as well. from what I understand, DPC latency and hard pagefaults go hand in hand, but I could be wrong.

I have tried in the past to disconnect the HDD and go only SSD, but no change.

I have already replaced every component in my computer except for the GPU and PSU. I am using a 1tb Samsung 970 pro, which has 250gb space left. after every component swap, no change whatsoever. Maybe a tiny bit smoother in some instances with the newer SSD, but not really. Its a relatively new build, specs below.

i tried overclocking GPU to fix the issue with an OC scanner; the scanner was alright at lower clocks and applied appropriate boost, but once it reached higher voltage, the OC scanner curve pretty much met the stock Mhz values, and the scanner told me it was an "unstable overclock". makes me think that at higher voltages, the scanner would push the card and a stutter or something would happen, causing it to drop back down a level. Basically, i think the card was more unstable at a higher voltage. I know that overclocking is usually not a good way to troubleshoot, but this could provide some insight regardless.

Have already updated drivers, bios, etc.

I really appreciate any and all help.


Are the specs to your build listed in your sig space? If so, please find it in your heart to list said specs in your thread's body. The logic behind that is due to the fact that sig space specs can and will change over time. When that happens the solutions offered with regards to the thread's issue will be irrelevant to the individual in the same boat as you're on now.

When listing specs, please list them like so:

If you're on Windows 10, please mention the version of the OS. As a side note, what BIOS version are you currently on? If the PSU has been in service for a while, please mention the age of the unit(apart from it's make and model).