Question Sudden high temps on 3900X

Jun 12, 2020

I built my PC about 2 months back and everything is working great. Idle temps were 45 to 52 even on hot days. This is all with the stock cooler, which I was happy about. Then all of a sudden a few weeks back temperatures got higher and now I get 60 to 70 idle. I figured the issue must be dust so I opened it up and found that there was indeed a thin coating of very fine dust on the cpu cooler which I cleaned off (probably due to air quality). Also removed the front panel and got some dust out there too. I put everything back together and I'm still getting the same temps. What could be going on, and is there a solution that doesn't involve buying another cooler, since this was working just fine? Thanks!

Also, the graphics card temps are great so I doubt it has to do with the case or airflow.

Full specs:
R9 3900x
Stock Cooler (Wraith Prism)
ROG Strix B550-F Gaming
MSI GTX 1660S Gaming X
Fractal Design Meshify C
32GB g.skill Trident Z neo 3600mhz
Samsung 970 evo


Nov 13, 2019
2 months worth of dust isn't enough to effect temps.
What are you using to monitor temps?
Did you check Task Manager to see what your CPU usage is?
Are you sure its "ideling" at that consistent temp, or is it just hitting those temps and then coming back down? Your CPU shouldn't "idle" at those temps even with the stock cooler if there are no tasks running.
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