Question Sudden Stutters on all my games, No fps drop, No high temps

Aug 4, 2020
i9 9900kf cpu
CoolerMaster 240mm AIO
2080ti gpu
MSI z390
250 GB NVMe + 3 TB secondary storages.

First off I wanted to note that I've been seeking other forums and YouTube videos on my problem. None of which have the same circumstances. Unlike others, I do not have FPS drops or high temps. The fps are pretty stable at 60 - 120fps (depending on the game) and temps do not exceed 75*C on either cpu/gpu .
Two days ago I started seeing stuttering while I was playing Witcher 3 (ultra settings). At this point, I had over 60hrs gameplay with ZERO issues. I played other games to see if the stutters persisted, they did. Stuttering/Laggy with stable frames and normal temps.
Things to note.
3440/1440 with G-Sync on
My lady sprayed ant-killer in my game room while the system was on the day before the stuttering started. It wasn't near the system at all. If this done it, wouldn't I see other system problems like FPS drops or no boot-up?
Have no issue booting up.
If I lower the shadow setting (in particular) the stuttering lessens.
I ran stress tests on the GPU and CPU. Both pass with flying colors.
Reinstalled OS entirely onto a new NVMe.
Uninstalled drivers with DDU, reinstalled to older drivers, and back again, stuttering persists.
Tried different settings on the Nvidia control panel, didn't help.
I do see strong fluctuations in the GPU core clocks from 1850-600, when this happens the stuttering is very apparent. Don't know if this is normal, I've never noticed this before.
Latency is from 10-17 depending on the game.

I rolled back my Windows Update and some games like Witcher 3 and Middle-Earth stopped stuttering as much. It still does at a beginning of a fight or entering a new city or in areas filled with enemies. But stableslizes after a few seconds. Don't know if it was just a fluke or if there is something to that. Still annoying cuz I paid all this money for a system that shouldn't have these little stupid performance issues.

Completely disabled Windows Game Mode through regedit, no more stuttering and back to normal. Also changed drivers from Game Ready to Studio and GPU coil whining lessened while fps and temps completely stable. Just coming back to update cuz I see others with similar problems but very little feedback.
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Nov 1, 2020
I rolled back my Windows Update.

Yeah dude, i just posted the same question after having done a windows update and can only put it down to this. I'll try roll back to and see how I go.