Question Suddenly my PC became slow

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That's kinda the impression I'm under, both drives were hooked up and ubm is reading the second drive as the primary because that's where windows stuck the EMI. The second drive is C because that's where windows installed.

But because windows is partially split between the drives, there's unnecessary traffic between the 2. With Optane involved, I'm thinking something got updated by Windows and is creating an unintended loop, either saturating the Optane, or causing freezes like what happened with the M10/H10 modules in the May 2020 update, specifically the inability to load the iaStorAfsServiceApi.dll. Or even something as small as a bit-flip corrupted that dll or the registry entries.

I'm down to thinking all data should be saved on one drive, unplug it, and reinstall windows fully on 1 drive, with the Optane installed.