Suddenly Pc Shutdown


Dec 25, 2007
Hi, my system : P4 3.0 Ht, 2x256MB RAM, Intel MB , Lan and Modem PCI Cards, 256 MB Graphic Card , IDE HD and DVD ROM.
Well I am having a problem that my system shuts down suddenly, any time, just like that. I tried checking for virus and scandisk but no problem. it was quite frequent. So I Checked the whole system one by one and finally after nothing else worked(even if there was only one Ram and a HDD) reset the battery. After resetting the battery the problem was no more troubling me. Finally I replaced the internal modem and the problem is starting to creep back and the frequency of these abnormal shutdowns is now increasing. I want to know what must be the actual problem, like a weak IC in the MB or the Modem itself has some faults. I see that as for now the modem seems to be behind all but is it that the MB is also at fault. I also saw that the BIOS is now fast to responce to the KB.