Question Suggestions for a decent router to pair with NetGear Nighthawk router.

Nov 9, 2022
I want to do away with paying Xfinity rent on their modem/router and looking at the NetGear Nighthawk AX5400 router and need suggestions for a decent modem to go with it.
This is where you can only trust the ISP recommendations. The ISP supports all the firmware updates on the modem even if you own it so they have limited options. In addition they sometime have restriction based on the exact type of equipment being used in your neighborhood. ISP have purchased each other over the years and they have not fully upgraded everything to the same levels.

In general you will find ARRIS brand supported by most ISP but you need to see the actual list that matches the plan you have. You can of course buy a modem that will run on their gigabit plan but if you do not plan to upgrade to that you should buy the lowest cost modem that will run on the plan you have.